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Retail security

To make shopping malls and stores safer, Gamma Security provides excellent retail security services. They help prevent organized crime, bad behavior, and the loss or damage of property, among other risks.

Retail Security

Addressing security concerns in malls and stores is crucial, and Gamma Security provides top-notch retail security services. They focus on preventing organized crime, antisocial behavior, and property damage.


We understand the challenges stores face beyond crimes, like losses from improper waste management. Our services help prevent such losses and boost profits.


Our proven security solutions empower you to control your retail space. We assist in reducing store loss, minimizing vandalism, and strengthening weak points, adding an extra layer of security.

Retail Security Services for Short and Long-Term Success

Achieving long-term profitability requires addressing both short and long-term solutions. Our experienced team collaborates with major UK retail brands, offering loss prevention techniques and guidance on internal processes.

Working alongside your retail staff, our loss prevention experts develop policies for lasting positive habits. We establish procedures to safeguard against stock or financial loss, setting the standard for proper conduct in everyday business operations.

Certifications & Accreditations

BS7858:2019 uk Security Screening standard 

Cop 119

COP 119 Labour provison Certiifcate


SIA licensed employees

ICO Certificate

Data Protection Registration Certificate

How We Works

Securing all the values of your business

The professional office cleaners we work with are experienced and adapt to all kinds of professional facilities, including small and big office buildings, shops, retail spaces, and many more.

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